Messing [verb]

Definition of Messing:

fiddle, tamper with

Synonyms of Messing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Messing:

Sentence/Example of Messing:

Chips was there the whole afternoon on his knees, messing with putty and red-lead.

Now, what did ye come on board here for, messing into my affairs?

But it was not according to Mayo's calculation, messing with steamboat men.

Fires are concealed as much as possible and the messing is done by reliefs.

Additional instructions may be given for messing, feeding, watering, etc.

I've got the words here and I'm messing about for some music to go with them.

Simply messing,' he went on dreamily: 'messing—about—in—boats; messing——'

"There she goes again, messing with the doll's quilt," I agreed.

He does not care for our way of living, I know, and he does like messing around.

He shouldn't have got messing about with firearms amongst a mob of angry men.'