Messy [adjective]

Definition of Messy:

cluttered, dirty

Synonyms of Messy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Messy:

Sentence/Example of Messy:

It's much better you didn't recognise us; these boiler explosions are so messy.

Thousands of other planets will gain the settlers that Messy Row loses.

That was messy; but we wanted to be hospitable, so we didn't say anything.

Sorry to sacrifice you, honey, but the other way is just too messy.

And if he's at all messy about it, I give you leave to roll him downstairs.

I know, and that will be messy work for me, since I know nothing at all about it.

She don't say it messy, understand—just states it quiet and pleasant.

It's messy work, loadin' garbage cans, and he's peeled down for it.

And most of the provisions were too messy for a P.M. to manage with his fingers.

Compared to lots of messy things you have to do in the exercise of your profession?