Metallic [adjective]

Definition of Metallic:

made of metal

Synonyms of Metallic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Metallic:


Sentence/Example of Metallic:

There was a sound of metallic clicking and a thin rattle of steel.

"Not all skill—not all skill," piped the metallic voice, indistinctly.

The metallic noise of the gulls grew so loud as to blanket all else.

None of them are muddy, or metallic, or dingy, as are too many blues and lavenders.

For, strangely enough, none of the metallic elements was to be found on Ganymede.

Is it furnished by the metallic chips which are separated from the metal?

Her answer was still bell-like but it was also metallic and commanding.

The silver will now appear on the ivory in a metallic state, and the knife will retain its silvery coat for a long time.

There has been no interference with the metallic currency of England.

Primmie dropped the mouth organ on the floor with a metallic clatter.