Metals [noun]

Definition of Metals:

lustrous chemical element

Synonyms of Metals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Metals:


Sentence/Example of Metals:

The writer further says the metal was made from silver coins.

The words of the outlaw had struck something in him that was like metal chiming on metal.

Macdougal sat before the door, his metal flask of whisky beside him.

After a minute or two I took the metal match-box and tossed it on to his breast.

Their superiority was greater in size and weight of metal than in numbers.

While the wax was soft they stamped their names in it with a metal seal.

You've been in the thick of life, and the metal you're made of brightens with use.

Of money in its ancient form of metal coins and paper, I found no evidence.

One side of this chamber was partitioned off with some sort of metal wall.

The cover of the furnace had burst, and the metal began to flow!