Metaphoric [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Metaphoric:

Susie Bateman snorted like the metaphoric warhorse, for she scented battle.

With all the wealth of his prolix, poetic, metaphoric tongue, the Polish author gives them abundant consideration.

The metaphoric 'infancy' of which Guarini speaks is the pre-dramatic period of pastoral growth.

The rocks are metaphoric quartzites, and the river-bed is crossed by a belt of granite.

After thousands of years the lines of metaphoric advance are still shown, and in many cases actually retained in the meaning.

Ewald takes these for metaphoric designations of the Hellenising Jews.

Another secondary meaning is "to re-vive or to re-kindle" in its metaphoric sense.

In truth, the charms of this magnificent maiden were worthy of metaphoric phrase.

This and other apocryphal stories illustrate the evolution of Haggadoth out of metaphoric allusions.

I should say to the ordinary bookbuyer, in metaphoric language, Avoid the kickshaws and stick to the solids!