Metaphorical [adjective]

Definition of Metaphorical:


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Sentence/Example of Metaphorical:

Like many gun names, the word "culverin" has a metaphorical meaning.

"When you talk in that metaphorical style I fail to understand you," said Quentyns.

Stabbing with the pen, therefore, is not merely a metaphorical expression.

Descent and ascent when thus applied to the soul are metaphorical.

And then you've got a house—not a metaphorical one, but a house with father and sisters.

In metaphorical use, how are harsh and bitter distinguished?

With what implication is it always used in the metaphorical sense?

Such a shaking up of the dry bones, both literal and metaphorical!

In every case when the word is mentioned the insect is employed in a metaphorical sense.

These metaphorical expressions appear to designate the rainbow.