Metaphysical [adjective]

Definition of Metaphysical:

not physical; without physical presence

Opposite/Antonyms of Metaphysical:

Sentence/Example of Metaphysical:

There are three evils: the metaphysical, the physical, and the moral.

I do not mean to say that they did this with any occult or metaphysical motives.

These three stages are the Theological, the Metaphysical, and the Positive.

Nay, what does history yet record of the metaphysical annals of man?

He was rather a great judge of metaphysical power than a metaphysician.

There are other indirect 375 benefits derived from metaphysical study.

The lesson which may be gathered from words is not metaphysical or moral, but historical.

The study has passed from the metaphysical into an historical stage.

What is the metaphysical being who prevents me from slaying myself?

I thought I had left this excellent man in a metaphysical bog.