Metaphysics [noun]

Definition of Metaphysics:

principles, knowledge

Synonyms of Metaphysics:

Opposite/Antonyms of Metaphysics:


Sentence/Example of Metaphysics:

That went so far as to cast suspicion on all metaphysics, and somewhat on theology.

Metaphysics ought not to exist, do not exist, are a mere nothing.

Why should they not work together in Tiptology, as in Physiology and Metaphysics?

But he has hitherto been unable to make the transition from mathematics to metaphysics.

First, the foundation of his argument is laid in the Metaphysics of Aristotle.

Maimon rescued Wolff's Metaphysics from a butterman for two groschen.

Anywhere else he seems a court-beauty wandering into metaphysics.

But we do not have to deal here with the metaphysics of "Science and Health."

He stood for a moment, filled with theology and metaphysics.

All that I had ever read in psychology and metaphysics came back to me.