Metastasize [verb]

Definition of Metastasize:

separate to refine; seep through

Synonyms of Metastasize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Metastasize:

Sentence/Example of Metastasize:

One thing we clearly know is that pancreatic cancer spreads early — or what we call metastasizes — to organs away from the pancreas.

In a country obsessed with TV—where provincialism too often metastasizes into nationalism, and especially at a time when international travel is virtually impossible—the best thing our screens can do is open us up to the world beyond them.

It faced a backlog of 26,000 reported posts that remained on the service, and Parler’s alleged reliance on “volunteers” to moderate content meant that it could not keep pace with the metastasizing threats.

Like Douglas, he enabled an extremist movement that rejected core American principles, allowing it to metastasize into a serious threat to the republic.

If they find cancer, surgery can still be effective if the tumor hasn’t metastasized.

Other tumors, such as glioblastoma, originate in the brain and metastasize throughout it.