Methodical [adjective]

Definition of Methodical:


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Sentence/Example of Methodical:

Do you think your habits are as precise and methodical as—shall I say as mine are?

It had been all the better for him had he learnt to be methodical with his money.

The actions of the mothers were as methodical as well trained nurses.

The daily routine of the mission station is most methodical.

Realize it thoroughly: it is a methodical not an accidental world.

Hilary Grendon was a methodical man: that was the reason he had survived.

You would be surprised (at least I was) to see how practical and methodical I can be.

Here, as in every science, the starting-point must be methodical doubt.

We are thus brought back to the process of methodical sampling.

She was wholly calm now; methodical with her last directions.