Methodically [adverb]

Definition of Methodically:


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Sentence/Example of Methodically:

Slowly and methodically he was putting the dishes into the wooden sink.

All this he did, methodically, and with as loud and harsh an accompaniment of noise as he could make.

Slowly, methodically, step by step, the unusual had been taking place.

The work was very slow, but it was carried on steadily, methodically.

Methodically she folded the letter and returned it to its envelope.

Methodically, it fed on the Earth, wondering where the rich food was.

No inspiration came to him; so that methodically he stowed away the facts for reference.

Roger took a long drink, then as methodically as he could he examined his own temperament.

He hung up the receiver and began to dress hurriedly, but methodically.

He swore, coldly and methodically, while his stomach dug knots in itself.