Meticulously [adverb]

Definition of Meticulously:


Opposite/Antonyms of Meticulously:

Sentence/Example of Meticulously:

Furthermore, her face and body were meticulously symmetrical.

What little hair he did have left was meticulously shaved off every morning.

But once he realized that, he meticulously joked about them.

It may be putting it strong; but it is also meticulously and simply—true.

Very often they are of all men the most meticulously mannered.

Others are meticulously insistent and exhaust all their challenges.

I do not pretend for a moment that all these details are meticulously accurate.

There is still a Teutonic touch in the Burgundian; he is meticulously thorough.

"My father and her mother were brother and sister," explained Mr. Hersheimmer meticulously.

But now some primitive instinct perhaps or some subconscious intimation of danger made him meticulously noiseless.