Metre [noun]

Definition of Metre:

beat, accent of sound, music

Synonyms of Metre:

Opposite/Antonyms of Metre:


Sentence/Example of Metre:

Clearly their constancy to this metre was not the result of any technical deficiency.

The ordinary name would have fitted the metre quite as well.

In the metre which so came to him he afterwards composed his Ramayana.

Neither their metre, nor language, nor thought had taken definite shape.

The gas clings to the earth in a layer about half a metre thick.

She saw that I had no idea of metre, so she proceeded to teach me.

I wonder you were not startled with the metre, though maimed a bit.

With the renewal of imagination and sentiment came a renewal of language and of metre.

The chamber, which was about a metre square, was filled with a thick damp clay.

The metre of Lyrics is in the main the same as that of Wisdom poetry.