Metropolitan [adjective]

Definition of Metropolitan:

concerning a city

Synonyms of Metropolitan:

Opposite/Antonyms of Metropolitan:

Sentence/Example of Metropolitan:

This statue, now in the Metropolitan Museum, was found at Pompeii.

But, these are small oases, and I am soon back again in metropolitan Arcadia.

The exchange into the metropolitan monastery was an important event in Sergius's life.

It was their Metropolitan, Suburban, and Brooklyn rolled into one.

Over the metropolitan area, the scene was one beggaring description.

Nathaniel, who had followed him to the side entrance of The Metropolitan, met him there.

On the small daily and weekly, there is little of this, but it is practiced on the metropolitan daily.

My wife copied the tapestry from an original in the Metropolitan Museum.

The afternoon edition of the Metropolitan Planet was going to press.

He deposed the Metropolitan and banished him to a monastery.