Mews [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Mews:

At length as they wandered they came to a part where seemed to be only small houses and mews.

By now the mews had wakened to the fact of the presence of a "toff" in its midst.

It was the first she had heard of the mews behind Ducie Street.

The delightful Charley mounted again to take the two horses round to the mews.

It was an intense relief to speak to some one who could understand his mews.

All the lodgings I knew are full, and our bedrooms look into a mews.

We dashed to the back of the house, through the servants' quarters and out into the mews.

The master inquired the cause, and the man told him, and said the mews was too hot for him.

Little St. James Street is insignificant and diversified by mews.

Nothing ever comes there but the gulls and mews, with a few sea parrots.