Mezzotint [noun]

Definition of Mezzotint:

carving of letters or design into something

Synonyms of Mezzotint:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mezzotint:


Sentence/Example of Mezzotint:

The mezzotint of Cotton Mather, made in 1727, sold for two shillings.

Mezzotint is properly to be considered as chiaroscuro drawing on metal.

I never said that mezzotint ignored light and shade, or ought to do so.

The edge of the mouth is defined by a mezzotint at the point of union.

Several of his portraits he engraved with his own hand in line and mezzotint.

Forty-three of them have been engraved by Faber in mezzotint.

Mezzotint engraving is the art of engraving on metal in tones.

Ever so many of the Reynolds and Romney portraits were reproduced in mezzotint.

She wanted to know the difference between a mezzotint and a stipple print.

We were taken to the top storey, where Haden was working on the mezzotint of the Breaking up of the Agamemnon.