Miasmatic [adjective]

Definition of Miasmatic:

bad, hurtful

Opposite/Antonyms of Miasmatic:

Sentence/Example of Miasmatic:

The settlement of "Eden" may be precisely what Dickens drew it: a miasmatic mud-hole.

There were a multitude of flying objects to be seen in the miasmatic air.

The disease is communicated by contact and it is seemingly also miasmatic.

In these latter localities the effects of the miasmatic poison, show themselves in cholera or typhus.

There is no life in the air; it is depressing, damp, miasmatic, and intensely hot.

Why should I haunt a purling stream,Or fish in miasmatic brook?

Miasmatic places are the most healthy places—for some of us at least.

Moonlight glittered on the West African river and it was very hot; the air was heavy, humid, and tainted by miasmatic vapors.

The greater part of it was a miasmatic swamp, the boggy soil of which could not be walked upon with safety even in dry weather.

It would never do, so miasmatic and so cold and bleak during a great part of the year; especially for one born so far south.