Mickey [noun]

Definition of Mickey:

concoction for drugging another

Synonyms of Mickey:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mickey:


Sentence/Example of Mickey:

He was killed, Mickey, and listen to the lament of his friends for his death.

It's deep enough now, Mickey; there's nobody will turn him out of this.

I have said that of Mickey Free I had not one but one thousand types.

My friend Mickey's a pleasant fellow for a secretary-at-war.

Now, Mickey, make me a cup of coffee with a glass of brandy in it.

Bad luck to you, Mickey, if it was a drink for your own stomach, you would be moving faster.

General Hardee states that Mickey's is about eight miles from the landing.

She thought it might be her father or Mickey the hired man, or both.

"She isn't waiting, she's talking to Mickey Daly," says Tommy.

Mickey appeared at the back door while he was finishing his breakfast.