Microfilms [noun]

Definition of Microfilms:

a still picture taken with a camera

Synonyms of Microfilms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Microfilms:


Sentence/Example of Microfilms:

He got out the microfilm reels which contained more information.

On the body of the imitation Rat, he found a belt-pouch full of microfilm.

The old entries were on microfilm, stored on their spools near the reader.

However, he stated that he received the microfilm of the edition too late for use in his edition!

When I tackled that double I managed to slip a microfilm capsule into his pocket.

Ben clicked the switch on the camera and removed a tiny roll of microfilm.

And, above all, I cannot let him get away with that microfilm.

This correspondence is available to scholars in microfilm in the Library of Congress.

And now I have on microfilm a ship that can thrust out to the ends of our galaxy.

Then, satisfied with his information, he returned the microfilm.