Microphone [noun]

Definition of Microphone:

instrument that transforms sound waves into electric currents

Synonyms of Microphone:

Opposite/Antonyms of Microphone:


Sentence/Example of Microphone:

The applications of the microphone were soon of great importance.

He hauled the microphone from its cubby in the dashboard and spoke the code words.

He thumbed down the communicator-button and spoke into a microphone.

When contact had been established, Somers took the microphone and stated their situation.

He located the communicator controls, and picked up the microphone.

He picked up a microphone, touched a stud, and turned a knob.

And in the control room, Kedo's voice rasped into the captain's microphone.

The man with the microphone shifted his position and lay stretched out.

The man near it rolled away hurriedly, dropping his microphone.

Arcot reached over swiftly and snapped the switch of the microphone.