Middlemen [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Middlemen:

These landscape fellows buy their stuff direct, and the middleman's out.

When the brick-house era sets in, the middleman will be rampant.

The middleman has several and can thus adjust himself quickly.

The important thing for you is that he is the middleman on whom you depend for the disease.

We're getting our goods cheap and we're cuttin' off the middleman.

Nor let us forget the middleman, who levies the lion's share of the earth's produce.

I'm not the principal party in the transaction—I'm only the middleman.

I had the curiosity to seek out the agent, the middleman, and ask him why they were so.

This will be possible for him only if he can live by trade in the rôle of a middleman.

He is a provider of natural produce, manufacturer, middleman and consumer, all in one.