Middling [adjective]

Definition of Middling:

adequate, okay

Synonyms of Middling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Middling:

Sentence/Example of Middling:

I was middling small, with a square jaw, snub nose and sandy hair.

The cod, fished for on this coast, is of the middling sort, and very delicate.

Round the dough into balls, the size of a middling apple; throw them into boiling water, and let them boil twenty minutes.

This fruit may be kept for several months, if gathered of a middling size at midsummer, and treated in the following manner.

What girl is ever more than middling the week before she's married?

Middling fair ewer, good quarter, five calves—is it five, Csar?

After dark, you say—that's middling tidy to begin with, eh, mate—eh?

The English middling classes like to pretend that there are no episodes.

"There are a good many of them middling bad this morning, sir," he said in a calm tone.

The convicts are divided into three categories: good, middling, and bad.