Midnight [noun]

Definition of Midnight:

middle of the night

Synonyms of Midnight:

Opposite/Antonyms of Midnight:


Sentence/Example of Midnight:

At midnight, Pericles came, to accompany Anaxagoras to Salamis.

As soon as we unloaded, it commenced to rain, and kept on steadily till midnight.

What could the little bird mean by pouring it forth at midnight?

However, when we rise to go, it is well after midnight, and I am in a pleasant daze.

At sunset the thermometer was at 50°, and at midnight at 30°.

As well as he was able, about midnight he left his retreat and approached the cabin.

When the bells announced midnight, Sidney roused with a start.

By midnight the work was done, and the nurse in charge sent Sidney to bed.

It was dark most of the way, and it was midnight when I got to the ranch.

I'll have to burn some midnight oil, but I can visualize the bridge.