Midriff [noun]

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Hilary straightened sharply, poked his finger at the midriff of the giant.

"If he does either," growled the Sparhawk, "my sword will kiss his midriff!"

A few lines later Diomede's spear reaches the midriff of Hypsenor.

In anatomy, the term is applied to the midriff, a muscle separating the chest or thorax from the abdomen or lower belly.

Shouting a curse, the Captain thrust for my father's midriff.

The midriff; a muscle separating the chest from the abdomen.

There are that say it is in the neck of the heart, others in the pericardium, others in the midriff.

This life-power IS something; does it live in his heart or his lungs or his midriff?

In five minutes he had me half-stripped and was pounding my midriff in.

The other is by the contraction and distention of the midriff or diaphragm.