Midsection [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Midsection:

When he was straight a pile driver struck him in the midsection.

That soundless spear of death struck in midsection of that barrel body.

Alec had a heavy belt of ultra-high explosive plastic lashed around his midsection.

Even before he started to feel the pain in his midsection, Odal began trying to push the boulder off.

He immediately clamored for the wherewithal to fill an aching void that was making itself painfully felt in his midsection.

The bolt, which survives, is fitted with a spring at the rear and has two wards projecting from its midsection.

Slightly constricted at midsection but otherwise without taper; positioning of nail holes as in no. 9.

The 18th-century shanks tend to be bulbous either below the shoulder or at the midsection.

The iron-oxide slip which extends to the midsection of the body is well mottled and predominantly of good color.

The widest point may be either at the base or somewhat below the midsection, making the hafting area difficult to define.