Mien [noun]

Definition of Mien:

person's presence, manner

Synonyms of Mien:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mien:


Sentence/Example of Mien:

He desisted at last and looked back at us with a mien of anger.

Kirkwood turned to meet her onslaught with a mien grave, determined, unflinching.

He was a good stout knight, but sorrowful of face and downcast of mien.

And yet he stood in awe of that Virgin, so like a princess in her mien.

Like the spectators at the time, we cannot pity Socrates; his mien and his language are so noble and fearless.

There was something about this courier's mien and person that awoke a poignant memory.

At that Rabecque stepped towards them, very purposeful of mien.

Beardsley cocked his head and listened, his mien almost beatific.

How could you deem him a rogue—he with so noble a mien and so beautiful a countenance?

Otrepiev was shaken by the Tsar's manner, by the ferocity of his mien.