Might [noun]

Definition of Might:

ability, power

Opposite/Antonyms of Might:

Sentence/Example of Might:

No poorest man on earth would change places with this man-that-might-have-been, for his time draws nigh and his end is perdition.

His dreams were ended, the "might-have-been" would never be, but he knew that there was peace in that little breast at last.

No wonder you are feeling nervous and upset over the might-have-beens.

She commented adversely upon each play I made, and in between times lectured me upon might-have-beens.

Critics have called Keats and others who died young “the great Might-have-beens of literary history.”

In a sense also one may say that these tales are the great might-have-beens of Dickens.

We are neither numerous enough nor strong enough to resist the over-might that is brought against us.

There will be whole bales of mistakes, a Gobelin tapestry to drape the world, and stacks of dead and withered "might-have-beens."

She ceased to regret that snug might-have-been, little, grocery business in a country town.

It has its pathos, yet leaves no regrets behind, for there is no might-have-been which death had thwarted.