Migrants [noun]

Definition of Migrants:

person who moves to a foreign place

Synonyms of Migrants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Migrants:


Sentence/Example of Migrants:

On the whole, Mr. Epstein does not find the Negro an exception to any other migrant.

The Gadwell is not an uncommon spring migrant; Olmstead saw it 10 mi.

Wilson's Warbler is a common spring and probably fall migrant in Coahuila.

Audubon's Warbler is a common winter visitant and migrant in Coahuila.

These were the migrant herds of the Dinoceras, just arrived at their new pasturage.

Migrant; rare, if not accidental; only one specimen, and that a female.

Migrant; occasionally winter resident; not known to breed in State.

Peter, like Bob, is a night migrant, stopping in the daytime for rest and food.

There was also eubele, the migrant, keeping rather to itself.

No, the thrush is not a migrant in the sense that the nightingale is or the turtle-dove.