Migrating [verb]

Definition of Migrating:

move, travel to another place

Synonyms of Migrating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Migrating:



Sentence/Example of Migrating:

Whatever may have been his reason for migrating, it no longer holds.

The serfs were prohibited from migrating from one part of the country to another.

He reached the plateau and saw that the woods goats had been migrating south for some time.

They had followed the migrating game toward the unknown north.

When the migrating birds return, they are attracted to this new scene.

The migrating cranes fly so high that by day they are scarcely visible.

It seemed that all that was richest, most brilliant and noted in Rome, was migrating to Antium.

“The migrating instinct is strangely interesting,” she said.

He said it was a kind of quail, a bird that reposes near Messina when migrating.

Flock by flock and kind by kind, the migrating birds departed.