Migratory [adjective]

Definition of Migratory:

moving to another place

Synonyms of Migratory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Migratory:


Sentence/Example of Migratory:

As much to me as if a stray, migratory mule had rambled into the wood and found me, and I him.

Are they like the ducks, merely come, pause, and proceed on their migratory way?

They know that, without the migratory worker, most of the crops wouldn't get harvested.

All dams in streams in which are migratory fish should have fish-ways or fish-ladders.

Encampment does not in any way distress this migratory tribe.

Nat was the family wilding, the migratory bird that yearned for other climes.

Like most of the water-birds of America, the canvas-back is migratory.

The application is to "proprietors of circuses and other migratory companies."

The gorilla is of migratory habits at some seasons of the year.

Mr Sudberry, in particular, was very restless and migratory.