Mildew [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mildew:

The very spectacle of that form which I had learned to love is mildew and contagion to my eyes.

Of these, mealy-bug, red-spider, thrips and mildew are most troublesome.

The only fungous disease of the grape troublesome in the greenhouse is mildew.

The vine is vigorous, hardy and productive but subject to mildew and rot.

The vine is vigorous, hardy and productive but susceptible to mildew.

And I've had to turn everything out of every shelf in the house, for mildew and moths.

Every spot of mildew on the ancient wall-paper was familiar.

Pale patches on the leaves are caused by mildew and are a sign of decay.

It is no pleasure to me to enter this house, and ruin and mildew everything I touch.

If it be mildew, the specimen must come out of the case and be properly dried.