Milestones [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Milestones:

They are extremely important as symptoms, as milestones, and as instruments.

In those days there were no milestones on the road she travelled.

Hardships and lack       Were comrades, and the milestones on thy track.

That is another of our milestones (p. 039) in the history of New York.

Moreover, one or two milestones which have been found bear the name of Hadrian.

The milestones of his journey are not shown plainly in his early work, that is all.

There are milestones on the Bergen road—but I can see through most of them.

They are monuments on the field of history, milestones on the path of human progress.

Go down to Slocum-on-the-Marsh and read papers on Milestones.

You would never have had the heart to put your question about the Milestones.