Militants [adjective]

Definition of Militants:

aggressive, combative

Synonyms of Militants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Militants:

Sentence/Example of Militants:

Might I ask why this sudden interest in the militant laboring ladies?

The emotions of the militant Federalists were too various to admit of description.

To these images and values he conformed, not submissively, but with a militant enthusiasm.

Their militant social democracy was at once comical and corrective.

"Darwinismus" became the battle-cry of the militant spirits of that time.

But they had never suspected her of possessing this militant quality.

He never had been able to withstand his mother in one of her militant moods.

"Better she should know now than later," said the militant Lady Sybil.

Other states in the past which have had group purposes have been militant.

I spoke of the militant spirit as if it may only be shown in time of war.