Militarist [noun]

Definition of Militarist:

a warlike person

Synonyms of Militarist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Militarist:


Sentence/Example of Militarist:

Already we are becoming a militarist and a protective State, but we do not yet know it.

Do not let us forget that almost everything that is most militarist is old.

And so in its way is the overthrow of the Anwhei faction of the militarist party.

Now if anything vexes me, it is to be told that I am a militarist.

To the militarist I would quote the case of our ally, Japan.

He was M. Millerand's colleague, and the instigator of his militarist policy.

He has brilliant military qualities, but he will never be a militarist.

There is something of the Sermon on the Mount in pacifist and militarist alike.

She is playing the militarist role without the strength to sustain it.

But really it is unreasonable to expect a soldier to be anything but a Militarist.