Militated [verb]

Definition of Militated:

carry weight

Synonyms of Militated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Militated:

Sentence/Example of Militated:

Should he be restored to Rome, would it militate against thy plans?

This seems occasionally to militate against the clearness of the work.

But their having been already in print will militate against them.

The fact did not militate against his own story, in the least.

But there are circumstances that militate against this hypothesis.

Does it militate against the power of a cause, to rid it of its faults?

It will make for, I might almost say militate for, a community spirit.

If this test should fail, it will militate against the acceptance of my discovery!

It does not militate against the profoundest religious conviction.

Other points that militate against the claim of his descendants may be noted.