Militiamen [noun]

Definition of Militiamen:

expendable soldiers

Synonyms of Militiamen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Militiamen:


Sentence/Example of Militiamen:

Those trousers attracted the rapt attention of the militiaman.

With the cynicism of a militiaman, he called it "a flea nest."

The hunting-shirt of the militiaman and the hunter was in general use.

Now let the militiaman show us what he does when he is in an ill humor.

Militiaman in 1738 and although over seventy years old, he with his sons signed the Revolutionary pledge in 1775.

Twice the soldiers fired on the mob, killing several, and one militiaman was stabbed in the dark.

"There will be something to make him hesitate, though," insisted the Kansas militiaman, stoutly.

Her name was Laura Secord, and she was the wife of a militiaman who had been crippled in the war.

And the military training of the young Canadian militiaman is so perfect that he smiles politely in response.

One militiaman, a young lad named Ted Kennedy, refused to serve, claiming that it was the same as strike duty.