Milksop [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Milksop:

I may have blushed and stammered, and I may have blubbered like a milksop, but it was not because I was afraid.

So Crosson called Drury a milksop because he would not go hunting.

I don't want to stop the boy's reading, but I can't have him a milksop.

To develop it I 69 replied guardedly, albeit unwilling to pose as a milksop.

As it was, everybody said he was a milksop, and a tender-foot, and he was just sick of it.

A milksop; and that I must come and rough it among other boys.

Why, whatever authority can we have when the most we can do is to report fellows to that milksop?

I was wild enough, but I promise you I was a milksop to him.

If he hasn't the courage, why he's a milksop, and no Louisas were born for the like of him.

You see, at heart he was a slow-coach, a milksop, nothing of the man of the world about him.