Milky [adjective]

Definition of Milky:

white, cloudy

Synonyms of Milky:

Opposite/Antonyms of Milky:

Sentence/Example of Milky:

The "ghosts of prayer plumes," which Moke-icha saw in the sky, is the Milky Way.

Our balloon plunged into a milky vapour quite warm from the sun.

Then the great sacrifice was held to deliver the old Dragon of the Milky Way.

You have seen it hidden in her eyes and you have seen it in the milky eyes of the twins.

They were filled with a milky light, and the odor of ozone was strong.

The radical tubercle from which it grew was filled with a milky juice.

You're so milky mild; you don't know what goes on inside o' me.

(c) Impurities in the electrolyte will also give it a milky appearance.

Was she made of a milky drop On the blue of a winter heaven?

Then he reached the Milky Way and there was plenty of light.