Miming [noun]

Definition of Miming:

an imitator

Synonyms of Miming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Miming:


Sentence/Example of Miming:

Was it at all surprising that he should have made so rapid and signal a success as a mime?

"Only leave me to myself," the Mime sobbed, moving his sore body.

He looked long and curiously at the Mime and could read his heart.

Siegfried must do this and the Mime should profit by it, and afterward kill Siegfried.

"Now we have arrived where the Dragon lives," the Mime said to Siegfried.

So the Mime fell to planning how he could get the gold into his own hands.

Thus the Mime was slain, as Wotan had said, by one who knew no fear.

A Mime was a sort of farce, travestying real persons or events.

Mime endeavours to persuade Siegfried that he is his father and mother in one.

Mime then asks: "What is the race born in the earth's deep bowels?"