Minded [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Minded:

But he did not follow the further directions given him, for he was not minded to go to bed.

I wouldn't have minded humoring him and fooling about it a little.

He said to the Mohawks do this, and do that, and he was minded.

But Betty was not minded to stay the night alone at the Htel Bte.

Vernon was not minded to waste two days in the pursuit of uncles.

The drift of the boat had brought us so close that he could have grasped the gunwale had he been so minded.

Not that I minded attacking things, I had done plenty of that myself in Paris.

The monster was minded of mankind now sundry to seize in the stately house.

"You wouldn't have, if you'd minded your own business," retorted Tom.

It was an insane idea, and he was at first minded to prove this to her.