Mindful [adjective]

Definition of Mindful:

attentive, aware

Opposite/Antonyms of Mindful:

Sentence/Example of Mindful:

His body was mindful of the situation, his soul was praying.

It is of this, then, I would ask you to be mindful when you see my poor father.

The Republican party is mindful of the rights and interests of women.

Issued legitimately from the past, he is mindful of his high descent.

Then, mindful of her manners, she tempered the pertness with a smile.

"He always did like to have his own way, Mr. Knox," said the mindful mother.

These he slew, but the others were, each of them, mindful of flight.

Still was she mindful of food, when she was fatigued with weeping.

Be as happy as you can, and likewise be mindful that you are blessed with health.

I gaze into the picture, and am mindful of the duties and aims of our German nation.