Mindfully [adverb]

Definition of Mindfully:

approximately, carefully

Synonyms of Mindfully:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mindfully:


Sentence/Example of Mindfully:

This is now clearly defined, and brands should be mindful of all data-sharing points.

She wants to make sure that the cooks, particularly the older ones, have the right serving containers ahead of time, and she’s mindful of not creating too many dishes that have to be returned.

After your journey back home, be especially mindful about staying at least six feet away from other people and wearing your mask for two weeks, and follow any quarantine requirements in your home state.

Whether for health reasons or as part of a commitment to the environment, more people are opting to go vegetarian or at least to be mindful about where the meat they eat comes from.

This will partially come down to implementing smart automation, particularly through using chatbots, though be mindful of the need to adhere to the aforementioned brand guidelines.

This intermediary step is one that we, at SEOmonitor, introduced to help you be mindful of the external forces influencing your choices.