Minding [verb]

Definition of Minding:

be bothered; care

Synonyms of Minding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Minding:

Sentence/Example of Minding:

He says I ought to be minding the pigs at home, and I suppose I ought.

While we have been minding our work the Nationalists have been agitating.

I will do that; but just yet, she is not minding much what any one says.

They went on counting the coins without so much as minding me.

Ill betide me for not minding my mother's word and staying at home this day.

She spent her days in sewing and spinning, and in minding her father's sheep.

People are, for once, minding their own businesses, bless 'em.

They tore after him, minding not the fallen bodies in their eagerness.

His minding his own business is attributed to selfish indifference.

You're a slender slip of a woman to be minding a house like this.