Mindless [adjective]

Definition of Mindless:

oblivious, stupid; automatic

Synonyms of Mindless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mindless:

Sentence/Example of Mindless:

Or would the planet revert to a primeval state of mindless innocence?

After all, the Gods didn't expect their worshippers to be mindless slaves.

As it is—what man would have her to bear him mindless brats?

They now serve the Schrees, for they are mindless, in a way.

"I have heard that the first-born were mindless," said Finnian.

And you, mindless little donkey, what do you want me to make of her?

For to believe otherwise is not only to be mindless of his ways, but altogether deaf.

But they did so in mindless rage, and afterward they were ashamed.

He was like a mindless automaton that hears and sees, but does not understand.

It would be blasphemous to believe that God creates a mindless man.