Mingled [verb]

Definition of Mingled:

physically join

Synonyms of Mingled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mingled:

Sentence/Example of Mingled:

Here the tumult of mingled emotion subsided in a flood of tears.

With these thoughts was mingled deep pity for the pure-minded and excellent Philæmon.

A look of surprise, mingled with consternation, sprang into Grace's eyes.

Groans and cheers were mingled, and his voice at first was drowned by the din.

It mingled with my dreams, and made them full of storm and whirlwind.

His strongest feeling just then was one of self-reproach, mingled with humiliation.

It is curious to observe how good and bad are mingled in human institutions.

I mingled with the motley throng, my ears alert for any spoken opinions.

He looked me over now, searchingly and with a glance of mingled curiosity and anger.

There was a look of mingled satisfaction, surprise, and pain upon his face.