Mini [adjective]

Definition of Mini:

small in size, amount

Opposite/Antonyms of Mini:

Sentence/Example of Mini:

But Mini did not cry; he had known so many things so much sadder.

They said she would be very like Mini, and there was reason why in her wretched infancy.

And I, thinking that Mini must get rid of her false fear, had her brought out.

It was once more autumn and we had made arrangements for our Mini's marriage.

So I got a mini tape recorder and I started to tape her when she gave me permission.

Yes; I received a Mini ball there at Gettysburg, and although the bullet was extracted, the wound never properly healed.

I could feel the wind stirred by its passage, while its peculiar hum told me it was a Mini ball.

On pressing the blue lump a little with the fingers, out popped a "mini" ball, which had lodged just beneath the skin.

Haka Kaina went to the house of the Mini Aunas and talked to the brothers.

That the Greek participle in -μενος (τυπτόμενος) must be sought for in the passive persons in -mini is a newer notice.