Miniaturist [noun]

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He was brought up, as his father had been before him and as his son was after him, as a miniaturist.

In the early days Fra Angelico must have been a miniaturist.

Yet he was far from being a miniaturist,—he was, in fact, anything but that.

It followed that, when they attempted subjects on a really large scale, the faults of the miniaturist clung about them.

The work of the miniaturist and the scribe grew more and more delicate and exquisite in form, colour, and invention.

There are also borders and other illuminations, which are probably the work of yet a fifth miniaturist.

Before speaking of painters I must mention one miniaturist whose works were in demand in other countries, as well as in England.

Mrs. Mary Green was no relation to her contemporary, Robert Green, also a miniaturist.

The miniaturist of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries constantly relieved his groups of figures upon a diapered ground.

A pupil of Einsle, a miniaturist, and later of Langer, in Munich.