Minimized [verb]

Definition of Minimized:

make smaller; underrate

Opposite/Antonyms of Minimized:

Sentence/Example of Minimized:

He died leaving a fortune, the amount of which was minimized by some and exaggerated by others.

Large things which they do not wish are minimized and small things are magnified.

It has been minimized into a riot and magnified into a deed of glory.

The first three of these can be minimized or eliminated by care and skill.

The perils of the sea were not minimized in the imaginations of us inexperienced voyagers.

The chances of this occurring are minimized by slow and careful running to speed.

Undoubtedly there will be a disturbance, but it must not be one of pure loss; it must be minimized.

Thus the danger of burning is minimized, also the need of stirring.

The distance to the slope and its real pitch were minimized by the mists.

Bagged, the odor is so minimized as to be entirely inoffensive.