Minimums [adjective]

Definition of Minimums:

least, lowest

Synonyms of Minimums:

Opposite/Antonyms of Minimums:

Sentence/Example of Minimums:

The thing is done with thoroughness, but at a minimum of cost.

The inexperienced does not know how to meet them with a minimum of effort.

This is the minimum amount which can be sold on the Exchange.

Horses and mules are placed in Class II, with a minimum weight of 1,400 kg.

Actually, Arrill seemed to get along with a minimum of government.

Here at least, the means of deception were reduced to a minimum.

In my judgment the United States must come to a maximum and minimum tariff.

They could be installed and connected with a minimum of trouble and expense.

Minimum prices on same will be announced on December 11, 1914.

This is a minimum of 20 feet for secondary roads and ranges from 24 to 30 feet for main roads.