Mining [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mining:

I heard Mr. Shepler and my father talking about some of your mining properties.

In engineering, in mining, in invention, there are endless possibilities.

Daddy had a good deal of that in his business, being in a mining country.

Probably they are old fogies, if they are in the mining business.'

They are mining for mica, but the mine is more valuable in other respects than it is as a mica property.

The only story I ever heard him tell was that he'd made it mining in South Africa.

More than he was apt to earn in years of mining the meteor-belt.

Most of the mining is done in hydraulic and tunnel claims in deep hills.

It is much employed in our mining districts for the discovery of hidden treasure.

It has a population of 7,629, the large majority of whom are engaged in mining.